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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

Updated July 21, 2011

Financial and Performance Reporting Requirements:
New Information IconReporting Instructions for Virginia EECBG Sub-Recipients (Updated for 2011) - Microsoft Word Icon

Virginia EECBG Consolidated Report on Monthly and Quarterly Financial and Metrics Performance - Microsoft Word Icon

 New Information Icon SEP ARRA and EECBG Consolidated Reporting Form Submission Deadlines
The U.S. Department of Energy recently revised its reporting requirements for states that dropped the monthly reporting requirement and only requires states to report data received from its SEP ARRA and EECBG grant subrecipients on a quarterly basis.

However, because many DMME grant subrecipients are tardy in submitting quarterly reports to our office in time for us to include your data in our quarterly reports to OMB and DOE, we will continue to require monthly reports from subrecipients in order to collect information on a more timely and frequent basis.
There has been some confusion among the DMME grant subrecipients of SEP ARRA and EECBG funds regarding the due dates for submission of the monthly and quarterly Consolidated Reporting Form to the DMME office.  Starting with the July 2011 monthly report, the following schedule will be in effect:

The most important data we need from you for the quarterly report is the “total number of hours worked using Recovery Act funds.”  If you are unable to submit the entire Consolidated Reporting Form with outlay and metrics information by the 5th calendar day after the month the quarter ends, please forward the “total number of hours worked” information to your DMME contact by phone or email by that date so that we have that data available for our reporting purposes.

Invoice Templates
Recipients of EECBG grants and Planning District Commission (PDC) project managers should use the following invoice templates when billing DMME for reimbursement of program expenses or for PDC subrecipient monitoring fees.

Invoice for Reimbursement of Subrecipient's Project Expenses - Microsoft Word Icon

Invoice for Planning District Commission (PDC) Monitoring Fees - Microsoft Word Icon

How Localities are Spending Energy Efficiency Block Grant Funds
New Information IconProject Descriptions for 39 Small Virginia Localities - Microsoft Excel Icon
Project Descriptions for 28 Large Virginia Localities - Microsoft Excel Icon

Contact list for Project Managers

New Information IconList of Locality Project Managers and PDC Managers - Microsoft Excel Icon

Program Summary and History:

DMME applied to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on June 25, 2009, for a $16.1 million population-based allocation to fund The Commonwealth's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG), which will focus exclusively on funding energy-related projects at the local government level. DOE approved Virginia's proposal on Sept. 24, 2009 and authorized the state to develop final rules and application processes to implement the program.

About $14 million in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG) was awarded on a competitive basis to local governments. Virginia’s 21 Planning District Commissions will help to administer the program and assist localities in the implementation of energy conservation projects. Approximately $700,000 will be used to provide technical assistance to local governments to use energy savings performance contracting to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Additional information is available from links below. About $1 million of Virginia's total $16.1 million EECBG allocation will fund renewable energy systems at the facilities of local governments, schools and community colleges.

The EECBG program is intended to help local governments, cities and counties, implement strategies to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. The program emphasizes a community-based approach to help meet energy and climate protection goals.

Click on any of the following links to learn more about regulations that impact projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Community Energy Efficiency Toolkit:

Tools and resources:

Contract Information - Adobe Reader Icon

EECBG Application - Updated 10/15/09 Adobe Reader Icon
Eligible Virginia localities can apply through and receive project development support from their local Planning District Commission (PDC).
PDC guidance and application review will ensure that localities fulfill application requirements. Please contact your PDC for guidance.

EECBG Application Guidelines - Adobe Reader Icon


Recovery Through Retrofit Final Report - Adobe Reader Icon
The Middle Class Task Force and Council on Environmental Quality's October 2009 report provides a roadmap of how the federal government can use existing authorities and funds to unlock private capital and mobilize communities "to lay the groundwork for a self-sustaining home energy efficiency retrofit industry."

Special Department of Energy Terms and Conditions -- Virginia EECBG Award - (Word)   (PDF)

Budget TemplateMicrosoft Excel Icon

Virginia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strtegy - Adobe Reader Icon

EECBG Estimated Benefits Calculator - Microsoft Excel Icon

EECBG Estimated Benefits Calculator Instructions - Adobe Reader Icon

Environmental Questionnaire - Microsoft Word Icon

Template for Expedited NEPA Review of Certain EECBG Subgrants - (Word)   (PDF)

EECBG Funding Opportunity Announcement - Adobe Reader Icon

ARRA Special Terms and Conditions - Financial Assistance - Adobe Reader Icon

Davis-Bacon Act

Virginia Energy Plan - Adobe Reader Icon

Climate Change Report - Adobe Reader Icon

Executive Order 82

Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program

Direct Entitlement Community Development Block Grant Program

Virginia Community Development Block Grant Program


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