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Throughout the divisions of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; maps and location-based information is used to conduct, support and facilitate our work. This information is typically created, maintained and stored in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Products and services created by our GIS may include maps, data and information services. The Mapping Center provides access to many of these products and services.

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  • DMLR Interactive Map
    Division of Mined Land Reclamation - Map for coal related permits and mining information.

  • AML Interactive Map
    Abandoned Mine Lands - Map for abandoned coal related sites and information.

  • DGO Interactive Map
    Division of Oil and Gas - Map for oil and gas related facilities and information.

  • DM Interactive Map
    Division of Mines - Map for coal mine related sites and information.

  • DGMR Interactive Map
    Division of Geology and Mineral Resources - Map for geological related features and information.

  • DMM Interactive Map
    Division of Mineral Mining - Map for non-fuel mineral mining related features and information.

  • DE Interactive Map
    Division of Energy - Map for energy related features and information.

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