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Biomass Energy Grant Program

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Nine million dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program is being awarded for 14 biomass and waste-to-energy projects.  These grants will support $80 million in private investments, statewide.  The Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy administers the ARRA funds for energy related projects.

The Biomass Energy Grant Program will provide incentives to businesses and governments to take actions to diversify the state’s energy supply sources, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and mitigate the effects of climate change. The use of waste materials from logging, manufacturing, agricultural, or municipal operations, as well as energy crops or other biomass fuels and residuals can provide a significant economic benefit to the Commonwealth. Besides displacement of traditional fuels, reduction of wastes disposal costs and other environmental impacts, and provision of additional revenue crops for farmers, demonstration of successful alternative energy technologies can encourage their future consideration by others and demonstrate cost effectiveness to ease access to capital.

The Biomass Energy Grant Program awardees are:

For the purposes of this Program, “Biomass” means a power source that is comprised of, but not limited to, combustible residues or gases from forest products, manufacturing, agricultural and orchard crops, waste products from livestock and poultry operations and food processing, urban wood wastes, municipal solid waste, municipal liquid waste treatment operations, and landfill gas.

For more information about the Biomass Energy Grant Program, please contact Robin Jones, 804-692-3224 or


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