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2014 Virginia Energy Plan

The 2014 Virginia Energy Plan is intended to provide a strategic vision for energy policy in the Commonwealth. This plan has been developed in accordance with Chapter 2 of Title 67 of the Code of Virginia. Per the statute, the Division of Energy of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy is the agency tasked with releasing the Virginia Energy Plan.

The 2014 Energy Plan is composed of the executive summary, twelve sections and two appendices shown at the right.  Sections 1-11 provide a snapshot of current energy assets in the Commonwealth.

The plan also fulfills the statutory language added during the 2014 General Assembly session requiring analysis of any proposed rule promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency related to the regulation of carbon emissions at existing fossil fuel power generating stations.  The analysis can be found in the Appendix A. 

The 2014 Virginia Energy Plan has been constructed to provide a comprehensive view of where Virginia has been and currently is in terms of its energy assets, and it charts a path forward for energy policy in the Commonwealth.