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Net Metering

Virginia's net metering law allows customers of investor-owned and cooperative electric utilities to install solar or small wind power systems on at their premises, and to receive full retail credit for any excess electricity their renewable energy systems generates. Residential utility customers may install systems up to 20 kilowatts in capacity and non-residential customers up to 500 kilowatts. Enrollment is open on a first-come, first-served basis until the rated generating capacity owned and operated by customer-generators in the state reaches 1% of each electric distribution company's peak load for the previous year.

Monthly net excess generation is carried forward into the subsequent month. At the end of each twelve-month net metering period, the utility customer may receive financial compensation for any excess generation by entering into a power purchase agreement with their electric utility.

For details on net metering a renewable energy system please see the State Corporation Commission Regulations Governing Net Energy Metering.