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Energy Efficiency & Performance Contracting Support

Any state agency may enter into an energy performance-based contract with an energy performance contractor to significantly reduce energy costs of a state facility through one or more energy conservation or operational efficiency measures.

Energy Performance Contracting is primarily equipment replacement to provide energy savings and installation of building control systems to control energy consumption, which are defined as maintenance projects. They are impacted by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.  State agencies shall comply with the CPSM for all design and construction work under this contract.  Other public bodies shall comply with their local building codes.

The following links provide additional information from the Virginia Department of General Services:

Click here for a current list of Energy Services Companies, all of which are pre-approved to serve all public bodies in Virginia that use the state performance contract.

Technical Support/Project Review
Lead – Charlie Barksdale
Email –
Phone 804-840-1689

Backup – Tommy Thompson 
Email –
Phone 804-692-3230