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Utility Incentive Programs

Demand Response Program

Potential Applicants: Large commercial or industrial customers of Allegheny Power
Allegheny Power’s “Watt Watchers” initiative includes two energy efficiency programs for its large commercial and industrial customers: the Economic Load Response Program that offers financial incentives to customers who reduce their power consumption during periods of high electrical demand or prices, and the Interruptible Load Resource Program that pays customers if they are called to reduce electrical usage during system emergencies. Customers can achieve reductions by either utilizing on-site generation and/or reducing their electricity usage. 
Participating businesses are paid a percentage of the wholesale cost of power in return for reducing energy consumption, which will lower their overall energy costs. To qualify, customers must have the ability to reduce their electric demand by a minimum of 100 kilowatts (kW) per hour, and participants in the Interruptible Load Resource Program must agree to be available for up to 10 reductions per year.
For more information, visit Allegheny Power's Watt Watchers website. 

Load Management Programs (for electric water heaters and HVAC)

Potential Applicants: Customers of Franklin Municipal Power & Light, Northern Neck Electric Cooperative, or Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative
These programs aim to reduce the energy used during peak demand periods by installing a switch on water heaters and/or air conditioning systems to turn them off during peak times. Residential and non-residential customers who participate receive incentives such as free hot water heater and HVAC repairs or evaluations, monthly credits on electric bills, and/or rebates towards the purchase of a efficient hot water heater. Incentives vary by utility.
For more information, click on the link for your utility below:
Franklin Municipal Power & Light's "Cycle and Save Program"
Northern Neck Electric Cooperative's Load Management Program 
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative's  Load Management Program 

Commercial Energy Audits

Potential Applicants: Commercial, industrial, and government customers of Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative
The Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative offers free energy audits to commercial, industrial, or government customers. The service involves a general walk-through "energy survey" or, if applicable, a more detailed and comprehensive facility audit. For more information, contact NOVEC's Business Development & Energy Services Division at (703) 392-1604 or (703) 392-1763 or toll-free at 1-888-335-0500, extension 1604 or 1763, or via e-mail at

Programmable Thermostat Rebate

Potential Applicants: Customers of Charlottesville Gas
Homeowners or property owners who heat with gas are eligible for a rebate up to $100 toward the purchase and/or installation of the programmable thermostat. For more information, visit the Charlottesville Gas Thermostat Rebate Offer website. 

Dominion Virginia Power HVAC Rewards Program

Potential Applicants: Business customers of Dominion Virginia Power
This program provides rebates of between $17 and $40 per ton for the installation of new or the replacement of existing  PTAC and PTHP systems, unitary and split air conditioning units, air source heat pumps, water cooled chillers, and air cooled chillers. To qualify, the new unit must feature a rating that is greater than the current national minimum efficiency standards. The Dominion Virginia Power HVAC Rewards program requires the work be completed by a licensed contractor who has registered with its network or as a self installation.
For more information, visit Dominion Virginia Power's HVAC Rewards web page.

Dominion Virginia Power Lighting Rewards Program

Potential Applicants: Business customers of Dominion Virginia Power
This program provides rebates on a per-fixture basis for the retrofit of existing lighting with more efficient lighting that may include:

  • Installing high-bay fluorescents and pulse start metal halide lamps for warehouses
  • Installing more efficient ballasts
  • Installing LED exit signs and occupancy sensors
  • Upgrading T12s to T8s
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs

The Dominion Virginia Power Lighting Rewards program requires the work be completed by a licensed contractor who has registered with its network or as a self installation. For more information, visit Dominion Virginia Power's Lighting Rewards web page.

Dominion Virginia Lighting Program

Availability: The Lighting Program is offered at a variety of retailers. Look for the Dominion discount display in the lighting section to see if the program applies to your store.
Dominion has partnered with select retailers to offer in-store discounts for the purchase of more efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. When you buy qualifying ENERGY STAR® lighting from participating stores, you will receive an automatic discount from Dominion.
For more information, visit Dominion Virginia Power's Lighting Program web page.

Warm Wise Business Savings Program 

Potential Applicants: Commercial Customers of Columbia Gas of Virginia
Columbia Gas of Virginia will provide cash rebates for certain energy saving upgrades. Rebates are given for the following:

  • Replacement of pre-rinse spray valves with qualifying low-flow (1.6 gallons or less) pre-rinse spray valves
  • Replacement of coin-op or laundromat clothes washers with qualifying ENERGY STAR high-efficiency washers (MEF 1.8 or more and WF 7.5 or less)
  • Installation of a new or replacement of an older gas boiler with a high efficiency hot water or steam gas boiler
  • Installation of a new or replacement of an older furnace with a high efficiency gas furnace

To see the details on the program including the rebate amounts and efficiency requirements, visit Columbia Gas of Virginia's Warm Wise web page.


Washington Gas Customer Rebates

Potential Applicants: Residential and Commercial Customers of Washington Gas
The Washington Gas Energy Efficiency Program is offering substantial rebates on select natural gas products to homeowners and businesses in Virginia.  These rebates are only available for a limited time and  installations  must be performed by qualified contractors.

For more details visit:
Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
Commercial Energy Efficiency Program