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The Division of Geology and Mineral Resources' (DGMR) role is to develop and make available information that allows people to make informed decisions that promote the wise use of Virginia’s geologic resources and the continued growth of its economy. DGMR will accomplish this by supporting our natural resource-based industries, coordinating research efforts with economic development activities, and improving data accessibility. Our cooperative relationships with major universities, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other organizations will allow us to continue to strive for maximum efficiency and impact in our geological studies.

Come visit our Rock Garden located at our Charlottesville office.

Charlottesville Office
900 Natural Resources Drive, Ste. 400 
Charlottesville VA 22903
(434) 951-6340
(434) 951-6366 (Fax)

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Division of Geology and Mineral Resources

David Spears , Director

David Spears, Division Director and State Geologist
(434) 951-6350

Matthew Heller, Assistant Director and Mapping Manager
(434) 951-6351

William Lassetter, Economic Geology Manager
(434) 951-6361

Anne Grassler, Office Coordinator
(434) 951-6367

Patrick Finnerty, Geologist
(434) 951-6326

Marcie Occhi, Geologist
(434) 951-6323

Lorrie Skiffington, Economic Geologist
(434) 951-6356

Anne Witt, Geohazards Geologist
(434) 951-6319

Katie Lang , Geologist
(434) 951-6346

Lauren Williams, Geologist
(434) 951-6349

Holly Mangum, Geologist
(434) 951-6317

Trent Walker, Geologist
(434) 951-6364

Jon Steinbauer, Contract Geologist
(434) 951-6368

Wendy Kelly, Contract Geologist
(434) 951-6349

Grady Stewart, Contract Geologist
(434) 951-6317