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Division of Mined Land Reclamation

Electronic Permitting, Version II (EP II)

To continue to improve the quality of assistance to our customers in their establishment and maintenance of viable operations the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME), Division of Mined Land Reclamation (DMLR) is pleased to introduce the second generation of electronic permitting. 

DMLR Technical Services, with the support and assistance of DMME’s Office of Management Information Systems (OMIS) and valuable input from coal companies and consultants, is now initiating Electronic Permitting II (EPII)

This extensive, customer-focused effort brings DMLR and its customers one step closer to a paperless, Web-based permit application, which is our ultimate goal.  We invite you to immediately begin using EPII, which is a more user-friendly, help-oriented version that is designed for novice and experienced users.  It includes powerful software, which if purchased separately, would cost several hundred dollars. 

We are not disabling the first EP version or rejecting any permit applications created in the first version.  However, at some time in the future we will discontinue supporting EP version I.  With that said, here are the major highlights and enhancements of EP II:   

  • EP II includes powerful document/file comparison software, Diff.Doc, which gives you and DMLR the ability to compare two versions of a document or file and compile a report highlighting the differences.  This will be valuable for you in comparing documents, spreadsheets, files, and directories, but most importantly, the submittal of an application.

  • EP II includes a stand-alone Print module giving you a number of print options. We have modified our template so the application form now has room on the left side of the paper for binding.  An option to produce an Adobe PDF format of the form and attachments is included.  The license for this software was purchased for you as part of the EP system.  This single PDF document will help with the Diff.Doc compare software.  It will also help in the future to pursue electronic signatures, Web- based public copies and a single document to review.

  • We completely revamped the help boxes to allow you to work through application items in a step-by-step manner.  Examples and templates have been included, so with two clicks of the mouse, a real-world example can be viewed for assistance. A link to a blank template to begin creating your own document is included, so you will not need to go to the web site for the current forms.

  • Optional modules for Water Monitoring Data, Well Construction Data, and Map Legends are included.

  • The water monitoring data is now provided with your permit data dump. The fact sheet information and  water monitoring data can be reviewed.  The data can be used for baseline monitoring for new points. An interface to Microsoft EXCEL is provided to generate graphs to aid in the use of this historic data.

  • Well construction data sheets (WCD-034D) can now be entered into the system. The program will produce the form as well as update the DMLR database.  This information will then be included in your data dump for use in modeling and analysis in the future.

  • The Map Legend (DMLR-PT-017) was a difficult form to fill out.  We now include a module to help with this. The data dump includes the currently approved acreage totals.  Providing these beginning numbers and producing a more accurate and consistent form will help us all.  It will also help with relinquishments and corrections to a permit’s acreages, thus providing for a smoother bond release.

Your help is needed to make this system successful. We plan to continue the support and enhancement of this process.  The application review process has seen a number of improvements and with your ongoing suggestions we hope to continue the quality improvements.  Please contact us with any suggestions to this system or process.