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Report a Violation poster

Report a Violation Poster

Incidents involving serious personal injury and worker or citizen complaints are investigated promptly. The appropriate regulatory measures are taken to resolve or correct the problems. Read our Citizens Guide to Complaint Resolution here »

Each DMM Mine Inspector is assigned the responsibility of investigating mineral mine related complaints that are registered within their territory or area.  Complaints may be registered for worker safety concerns or for reclamation and environmental concerns. Complaints may be lodged with the site mine inspector or by contacting the DMM office in Charlottesville.

For worker safety complaints the name of the complainant is held in confidence by DMM and is exempt from release under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. The mineral mine operator is required by the Mineral Mine Safety laws of Virginia to post information describing how to file a complaint. A sign may be useful for this purpose and a sample sign is available for use, reference and printing. Mine operators may contact their mine inspector or the DMM office in Charlottesville for a copy of the sign that can be posted at the mine.

In an effort to provide prompt service DMM has set a goal of contacting the complainant within 5 days of receipt of a complaint. Most often the complainant is contacted the day of the complaint. When a complaint is filed DMM will conduct an investigation and file a written report of findings. The mine operator and the complainant are provided a copy of the complaint investigation report. Complainant confidentiality is maintained in accordance with the laws and regulations.