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DMME Boards and Advisory Committees

Board of Coal Mining Examiners
This board certifies competent persons for employment in the coal mining industry.
Board Members - Randy Moore, Bennie Johnson, Michael Stiltner, Philip Hale, Larance Middleton

Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund Advisory Board
This board oversees the general operation of the Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund and also serves as the advisory body required by Article V of the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (45.1-271).
Board Members - Donna Stanley, Christopher Stanley, John Paul Jones, Brad Krepps, Barbara Altizer, Randy Moore

Virginia Coal Mine Safety Board
This board serves as advisory to DMME on matters relating to the health and safety of persons working in Virginia's coal industry; and, is designed as the officials regulatory work committee for DMME on all coal mine health and safety regulations not under the jurisdiction of the Board of Coal Mining Examiners.
Board Members - Patti Church, Harless Mullins, Brett Holbrook, Vicki Ratliff, Chris Lester, Gary Prater, Joshua West, Harry Childress.

Virginia Gas and Oil Board
The purpose of this board is to foster, encourage, and promote the safe and efficient exploration for and development, production, and utilization of gas and oil resources.
Board Members - Bill Harris, Bruce A. Prather, Donald L. Ratliff, Mary Addington Quillen, Donnie W. Rife and Rita Surratt.

Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority
The General Assembly created the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority in 2013 as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth for the purpose of making Virginia a national and global leader in nuclear energy, science and technology; serving as an interdisciplinary study, research and information resource for nuclear energy in Virginia; and establishing the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium, a non-stock corporation responsible for conducting activities to achieve these goals.
Board Members - Scott Kopple, Michael Lempke, Colleen Deegan, Woody Lawman, Tom DePonty, David Christian, Eugene Grecheck, Andrew Hutton, Richard Diddams, William Briscoe, Garry Tepper, designee of VCU President; Sean Agnew, designee of UVA President; John Capps, designee of VCCS Chancellor; Al Christopher, designee of DMME Director; Jack Lesko, designee of VT President; Tim Stuller, designee of VEDP President/CFO, Ken Ball, designee of GMU President.

Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority
This board facilitates, coordinates and supports the development, either by the Authority or by other qualified entities, of the offshore wind energy industry, offshore wind energy projects, and associated supply chain vendors by collecting relevant metocean and environmental data, by identifying existing state and regulatory or administrative barriers to the development of the offshore wind energy industry, by working in cooperation with relevant local, state, and federal agencies to upgrade port and other logistical facilities and sites to accommodate the manufacturing and assembly of offshore wind energy project components and vessels, and by ensuring that the development of such projects is compatible with other ocean uses and avian and marine resources, including both the possible interference with and positive effects on naval facilities and operations, NASA-Wallops Flight Facility operations, shipping lanes, recreational and commercial fisheries, and avian and marine species and habitats.
Board Members - Joan Bondareff, Hayes Framme, Phillip Green, Arthur Moye, Jr., Laura McKay, Mark Mitchell, James McArthur, Jr., Chris Gullickson

Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Authority
The board was established by the 2015 General Assembly for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating, and supporting the development, either by the Authority or by other qualified entities, of the solar energy industry and solar energy projects by developing programs that increase the availability of financing for solar energy projects, facilitate the increase of solar energy generation systems on public and private sector facilities in the Commonwealth, promote the growth of the Virginia solar industry, and provide a hub for collaboration between entities, both public and private, to partner on solar energy projects. The Authority may also consult with research institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders as the Authority deems appropriate.
Board Members - Damian Pitt, John Ockerman, Paul Duncan, Cody Nystrom, Cliona Mary Robb, Hayes Framme, Colleen Lueken, Will Gathright, Jon Hills, Jack Rust, Ken Hutcheson, Katharine Bond, Michael Herbert, Brian Gordon

Clean Energy Advisory Board
This Board serves as an advisory Board in the executive branch of state government for the purposes of establishing a pilot program for disbursing loans or rebates for the installation of solar energy infrastructure in low-income and moderate-income households.
Board Members - KC Bleile, Samuel Towel, Janaka Casper, William Greenleaf, Hannah Coman, William Reisinger, Susan Kruse, Toni Ostrowski, Katharine Bond, Taylor Brown