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FEMA Fault Mapping Project

Project Deliverables

A variety of products were created for this fault mapping project and delivered to VDEM in May 2017. They include GIS files, maps and reports in PDF format, outreach materials, and PowerPoint presentations.

These four deliverables are available for download as ZIP files and are described below. Please contact geologist Anne Witt if you have any questions about these materials.


Deliverable Report (ZIP file containing a PDF document and four PDF map plates)

This document describes the processes used to compile project data, key findings from the study, and the materials delivered to VDEM. This report is a good place to start to learn more about the project tasks and deliverables. It also includes map plates showing faults compiled in the three seismically active areas of Virginia and a map of historic and modern earthquake epicenters.


FEMA Deliverables

Fault Geodatabase (ZIP file containing an ArcGIS geodatabase, four ESRI map documents, and geodatabase metadata)

This ZIP file contains an ESRI ArcGIS geodatabase containing multiple point, line and polygon feature classes representing significant faults (lines), structural zones (polygons), earthquake epicenters (points), and additional associated features. Fault and structural zone data was compiled only for the seismically active areas of Virginia. The epicenter feature class includes earthquake locations throughout Virginia between 1774-2017. Please see the metadata for detailed descriptions of each feature class.

The download also includes map document files (.mxd) that can be used to conveniently view the GIS fault data. There are four maps included in the download. Three of these maps display the compiled fault data for the individual seismic zones: the Central Virginia Seismic Zone (CVSZ), Giles County Seismic Zone (GCSZ), Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone (ETSZ). An additional map shows the locations of historic and modern earthquake epicenters. These map documents also provide the basis for Plates 1-4 of the deliverable report.

FEMA Deliverables


Earthquake History Report (ZIP file containing DGMR Publication 185, associated Appendices and Epicenter Map)

This download contains PDF documents that describe the earthquake history of Virginia. The “Seismic History of Virginia” (Publication 185) provides a general background on earthquakes, how they are measured, and how Virginia fits into the Earth’s tectonic setting. It also provides detail on the Commonwealth’s largest earthquakes (greater than 4.5 magnitude) and includes information on reported damage.

A list of earthquakes reviewed for this report is included in Appendix A and is the source for the earthquake epicenter point feature class included with the ArcGIS fault geodatabase (see above). These earthquakes are also included in a map on Plate 1 of the report. In addition, DGMR reviewed hundreds of newspaper articles, and identified more than 180 newspaper articles that provided additional details about historical earthquakes in Virginia. These articles have been compiled into a chronological bibliography in Appendix B.


FEMA Deliverables

DGMR Geologist Anne Witt

Outreach Materials (ZIP file containing outreach materials and PowerPoint presentations delivered to planners and emergency managers)

DGMR geologists presented the findings of the study and project deliverables at scheduled meetings in each of the seismically active areas of Virginia. This download includes the PowerPoint presentations given at those meetings as well as outreach material included in a packet given to meeting attendees.