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Energy Resources

Mining and well operations in Virginia produced 12.0 million tons of coal, 107.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 6,039 barrels of oil in 2019 with a combined estimated market value of $1.47 billion.

Virginia‚Äôs natural energy resources represent a valuable asset and significantly contribute to the economic well-being of the Commonwealth. These resources include hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, and other alternative energy sources, yet the primary energy products in Virginia include the fossil fuels coal, natural gas, and oil.  Although occurrences of uranium have been investigated in the past and continue to be of interest today, uranium has never been mined, and the regulatory framework for mining remains to be developed. 

In 2018, natural gas fueled 53% of Virginia's electricity net generation, nuclear power provided almost 31%, coal fueled about 10% and renewable resources, primarily biomass, supplied nearly 7%.  At the end of 2017, Virginia ranked third in the nation, after Colorado and New Mexico, in coalbed methane proved reserves, and two Virginia coalbed methane fields are ranked among the top 100 natural gas fields in the United States (EIA, 2019). View the U.S. Energy Information Administration Virginia State Energy Profile.