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BSG DMME OfficeThe Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy was created January 1, 1985 under Governor Chuck Robb. The recommendation came from a committee formed in the wake of the 1983 McClure #1 disaster and for the purpose of making service to mining, energy and mineral resources industries more efficient. The Division of Mines, Gas and Oil and Mineral Mining came from the Department of Labor and industry. The Division of Energy came from the State Office of Emergency Services and the Virginia Fuel Conversion Authority. And, the Divisions of Mined Land Reclamation and Geology and Mineral Resources were once part of the Department of Conservation and Economic Development. Before 1987, mineral mining and gas and oil regulatory programs were housed in the Division of Mines and the Division of Mined Land Reclamation. A boom in both industries inspired the reorganization to form the new divisions. And, since 1985, DMME’s purpose has remained true: to enhance the development and conservation of energy and mineral resources in a safe and environmentally sound manner in order to support a more productive economy in Virginia.